Laputa Design Concept

What we strive to provide is a best reading experience reader for your mobile devices. Just think about how you read a paperback, is it the most natural way for you to read? Will you like just read as that on your mobile device?

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Recommend featured books for you! Reading eBooks like reading real paper books! Download books simply and effectively! Take your fingertip’s library anytime any where! Yes, all this can be realized with Laputa eReader!

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Page Turning Animation

Reading eBooks like reading real paper books, just as ibooks in ipad. It is not Android users extravagant hope, now you can realize this easily in your device.

A lot of people like reading paper books, they think that this kind of books give them tactile impression and literati atmosphere. Compare with eBooks, it is boring and just use eyes to read do not touch the heart and soul.

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About Laputa Team

All the members of Laputa team are young and energetic, although we are not experienced enough now, we all have great interests and are very eager to learn! Just as a Chinese proverb said that “Life is live and learn”, thus we will never cease absorbing new ideas and improving ourselves!

We are a group full of passion! Clearly know that

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