All the members of Laputa team are young and energetic, although we are not experienced enough now, we all have great interests and are very eager to learn! Just as a Chinese proverb said that “Life is live and learn”, thus we will never cease absorbing new ideas and improving ourselves!

We are a group full of passion! Clearly know that this is a field filled with challenge and competition, we keep reminding ourselves that those who are not industrious or creative will be kicked out by this society, so we spare no efforts to equip us with the most advanced knowledge, which is the solid foundation of our superior product.

About Laputa Team

Each member of our team carries the same ambitious dream, that is, to develop and improve Laputa Reader as the most convenient, most popular and most user-friendly application among all the same ones, for it is our final goal to meet all your increasing requirements, and make Laputa Reader an intimate friend of you, a friend that you can never be apart of!

Our team is combined by PMS, Devs, Tests and CEs. We are trying our best to satisfy your need. We are the pioneers who have realized the flipping Mode–Realistic flipping mode, and you can be convinced that we can continuously to improve its functions so as to meet your increasing demand. Laputa Reader is the lovely child of us, we jointly created it, and will nurture it in our remaining life to make it the most outstanding application. It is fresh, new, and full of hope as well as prospect, just like all the members of our team!

The way ahead of us is long and tough, but we will never be frightened. In fact, we are excited, because persistence, hardworking and creativity are the most important spirits of our team; we welcome challenge, and always be ready to involve ourselves in the competition!

We are Laputa team, who are doing everything to develop our product as a whole! And we strongly believe in that those who really work with their hearts and souls will harvest rich fruits!