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What are the prospects of precision machining?
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As a company engaged in the precision machining industry, this problem seems a little biased. After all, who would say that the company that we are doing now is not good?

But the prospect of domestic precision machining is not optimistic. It can be said that the sunset professional. At present, China's machinery manufacturing professionals in excess of talent. Ten years ago, that is, in 90s, this profession is very popular, at that time, colleges and universities in this industry a large number of enrollment expansion, many schools have set up the profession. Then, in the new century, with the development of electronic computers, digital automation technology, network technology, automatic control and process assembly, the machining manufacturing industry has gradually been invaded by other majors. With China's accession to the WTO, the original production of China's rotten can not be rotten, the accession to the WTO behind Germany and other European and American, as well as Japan's production industry under the impact of a single blow.

Go out of the street and see which car is made by the Chinese What percentage is made in China? Look at other industries, such as simple valves, household appliances, import prices higher than the domestic price? The key areas are foreign technology! Most of the manufacturers in China now are the main parts, which are manufactured abroad.

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