What we strive to provide is a best reading experience reader for your mobile devices. Just think about how you read a paperback, is it the most natural way for you to read? Will you like just read as that on your mobile device? Yes, that is just the design concept of Laputa, make your ebook reading much more natural!

Laputa Design ConceptLaputa is composed of four main part: Reading, Ebook Online, My Shelf, My Library.

We believe in that, you will spent 95% of your time with Laputa on reading, is that right? So what we care most is the reading experience. In order to make reading much more nature, we are the first reader that realize the paper leaf rolling effect. So that makes the ebook just look like a real paperback. Consider of some other factor of you are reading on your mobile device, with settings, you can control the brightness, font size, font family, display and progress bar setting and so on, thus will make you reading make more convenient and help you save the battery of your mobile!

Have you ever meet that search all over the town but cannot find the book you like? Now you just needn’t to go out, just tap the screen of your device and brows the content provider that cooperate with Laputa, and download the books you like. Even Laputa has a daily recommendation for our users, all these books are popular or famous around the world, just click, then enjoy your reading! Also, you can import your own books into your library.

Now you have so many books on your device, and it is rather difficult to find a certain one out! Don’t worry, you can collect the books you have read to your library, and control the current reading books to show on shelf, it is just like the bookshelf and your desktop books. Even you can sort the book order on the shelf as you wish. Just make your own shelf for your reading.

Too many books in your library? Just sort them as the collection customized by yourself, so that you can find them easily.

Laputa is designed as the most natural reader for you. Just enjoy  your reading with Laputa. What we strive to provide – A better Laputa for you!